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Light up your local area with a high-resolution satellite image and Lightbox. 

Map Lightboxes are a great way to feature your area in a unique way. Satellite, OS, Road, Historic or aerial maps can be used - the high-resolution satellite maps look particularly stunning in a Lightbox. For example:

(Satellite light box for King West Estate Agents (1800mm x 900mm x 30mm))

Estate Agents King West wanted to create an illuminated satellite image of a particular area that they covered. We sourced a hi-res satellite image and combined it with one of our elegant light panels and frame. Within minutes of the light being installed, passers-by had come in to view this unique product.

The definition is so good, you can see individual buildings, farms, tracks and trees. 

We can create maps and satellite images for any area and at any size. Please get in touch and we'd be happy to give you a quote.